Monday, June 6, 2011

I Remember...

I remember those days
When we drove our new bikes
On the dusty parched road
That spat pebbles at us.
And that one time when I
Raced you back to your lawn
When my tires became soft
And when your chains gave in.

I remember all those
Lazy afternoons that
We spent at Grandma's porch,
Whistling for a stray breeze
And popping bubble wraps.
Or drinking her strong tea
That scalded our tongue
And tasted like copper.

I remember those nights
When we played hide-and-seek
Under the faint moonbeam
And flickering street light.
Or when we just lay down
On the crisped yellow grass,
Counting all the bright stars
And wishing when they fell.

I'll never forget those days
That we spent together.

All those days of summer.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Have you ever heard the word "miserable"?
It's not only the poor and the disabled
It could also define the many other people
Who wished their lives were just simple.

Every morning they wake up,
They pray that everything would just stop.
And they wonder how a nine-letter word
Can ruin one's quiet world.

A naked beggar on the street
A little girl without feet
A dying mother alone in bed
A hungry boy crying for bread.

A battered wife, suffering
A body hanging from a string
A baby floating in the river
Thrown by her irresponsible mother.

The world is really made to be
Full of sorrow and agony
If you think you're miserable-- think again
You're not the only one with a burden.